Guide for Site Owners

The site owner’s guide course provides clear instructions on how to open the Mobie Learning Environment in Mobie Sport Academy’s web shop, and how to use the platform. The course is built according to the social microlearning principles and consists of 5-10 minute modules and student’s own practice. It’s recommended to reserve approximately 1 hour to complete the entire course.

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The purpose of this course is to guide you in opening a Mobie Learning Environment and advise you on using it with simple steps. It’s recommended that you open the Mobie Sport Academy web shop into another browser window and order a learning environment as per the instructions of this course. When you have opened your own Mobie Learning Environment, work through the course contents in practice with it.

You can return to this course at any time: there are no time limitations to completing it. As you have read a lesson or a topic, mark it complete by pressing the “Mark Complete” –button on the bottom part of the page. If you encounter problems completing the course, please contact the Mobie Sport Academy staff. Good luck!