9.1 Certificates

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You can distribute PDF certificates, either automatically or manually, to those who have completed the course.

Defining certificates

Text in the center of the certificate is written in the learning environment if you want the system to automatically calculate information about the course.

Go to Dashboard, place the cursor over “Courses” link and choose “Certificates” from the sub-menu that appears. After the page has loaded, click the “Add new” button. Next, write the name of the certificate and a description to the text fields reserved for them.

Under the title “Certificate Settings” you can set the page size to Letter or A4. If you select A4 page size, you can decide whether the certificate is upright or horizontal. Then move to the right sidebar under “Article Image”. Click on the “Set article image” link and select the certificate template you made in advance. After setting the template for your certificate, go to the top of the page next. You’ll notice three tabs at the top, Add new, Certificates, and Certificate Shortcodes. Click the last one, the Certificate Shortcodes link. Select the shortcodes you want for your certificate, copy them, and go back to edit your certificate. Now, paste the shortcodes into your text where you want them to appear in your certificate description text.

This certificate is a testimony, that the user [ usermeta field=”display_name” ] has completed the course [ courseinfo show=”course_title” ] on [ courseinfo show=”completed_on” format=”d-m-Y H:i:s” ]. NB! Do not copy the text directly from this, instead, copy the codes you want from the Certificate Shortcodes link. In the final certificate, the text would look like this,
This certificate is a testimony, that the user John Smith has completed the course Guide for Content Producers on 30-07-2018 12:25:30.

Hint: if you don’t want your text to show up at the top of the certificate template, use the code < br > before your text (without spaces). One < br > code means one line spacing. This way, you can create margin between the text and the top of the certificate.

Lastly, publish your certificate by clicking the “Publish” button. When you have published the certificate, go to edit your course, to which you want the testimony. Search from the course options “Certificate” section and choose your testimony from the drop-down menu. Click the “Update” button and your certificate is now available for the user after they have completed the course.

Watch the video below to see how to create a certificate!