7.1 H5P-interactions

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H5P makes it easy to create interactive HTML5 content and applications, such as interactive videos, timelines and image hotspots. H5P elements are meant for motivating the learner and enriching the learning experience with interactions. The answers to the interactions created using these tools are saved to the Learning Record Store (LRS), but not the actual course evaluation tool.

Creating H5P elements

Go to the dashboard and navigate to H5P-content which you can find from the left panel. Click “add new” and choose what kind of H5P you are creating from the drop-down menu.

Name your content. This title will not be displayed in the interaction itself, but only in the list of already created H5P elements in the dashboard. Remember to name your interaction so that it’s easy to find it later. It’s recommended to use the course name, lesson/topic and description of the interaction, such as “Example course, lesson 3, interactive exercise”. If the H5P is used in a topic, you can use a dot to separate the lesson and the topic, e.g. “Example course, lesson 3.1. interactive exercise”.

Interactive video

In this topic, you’ll learn how to create interactive videos with H5P. Find the interactive video element in the dropdown menu. Click on the “+” sign under “Add Video” and link your video from Youtube or Vimeo or upload your video in the media gallery, copy its link and paste it onto the given field. Once your video has loaded, take a look at the “Interactive Video”, “Text tracks”, “Behavioral settings” and “Text Overrides and translations” sections. You can open the settings menus by clicking the titles.

Adding interactions
When you have loaded your video, and selected the appropriate settings, move to the “Add interaction” tab. Above your video, you can see icons representing all the different interactions and exercises you can add. You can add the following types of interactions to your interactive video, read from left to right.
Label, Text, Table, Link, Image, Statements, Single Choice Set, Multiple Choice, True/False Question, Fill in the Blanks, Drag and Drop, Mark the Words, Drag Text, Crossroads, Navigation Hotspot.

Familiarize yourself with the interactions and follow the English language instructions when adding them. On the “Summary task” tab, you can add the final elements to your exercise. You can add a description for your exercise and write appropriate texts for student feedback. Follow the instructions as you progress.

Adding H5P elements to a course

Once you’re ready, click the “Create” button on the right-hand side. After that, you can add the interaction to your course in two ways:

  • By copying the H5P shortcode visible on the right-hand side and pasting it onto the appropriate spot on your lesson or topic.
  • By navigating to the lesson or topic in question and clicking the “Add H5P” button above the editor.

For more information about H5P tools, visit and the tools manuals at Both sites are in English.