6.1 Taking pictures and videos

Topic Progress:

Images and videos enhance your course. They ease the learning process of visual learners and make your course more engaging and interesting. Thus, you should pay equal – if not more – attention to taking pictures and video as writing the text content.

When shooting content for your course, take into account the following:

  • Don’t take videos or pictures in yellow light. If possible, use natural light or change spaces.
  • Make sure that the background colors go well together with the target. Also make sure that e.g. white objects don’t get lost in a white background.
  • Avoid ugly surfaces and textures. For instance, don’t shoot against cracked paint or concrete.
  • Keep the background calm, i.e. avoid non-essential background elements as much as possible.
  • Plan your pictures and videos so that they are horizontal. Think about the rectangular screen of a computer – horizontal images fit the screen better and decrease the need to scroll.
  • Never crop a person or an animal out of the picture at their joints.
  • Don’t use the flash when taking pictures.

Even though modern smart phones have quite good inbuilt cameras, it’s still recommended to use an SLR camera or a digital camera, if you have the chance.