6. Enriching content

To keep your course content interesting to the reader, you need more than well written text. In addition to images, graphs and videos, the Mobie learning environment enables you to create 360 elements, crossword puzzles, interactive maps with the Maps Marker –tool and H5P assignments which enliven the content and make it easier to study. These assignments are introduced in chapter 9. Student Skill Level > 9.1 Interactive Assignments. In this lesson, we’ll go through text enrichment and how to take pictures and video for the web.

Tips for visual execution

  • Remember to reserve enough enrichments for your course. The required amount varies according to the course content.
  • If you add an image into the text, align them right, especially if it’s the first image in the lesson or topic. In western countries, people primarily read from left to right. Hence, the images should also support the text, not the other way around. Only in exceptional circumstances can a picture be aligned to the center.
  • Use headings, sub-headings, highlights and lists in your text when necessary.
  • Try to avoid using colored text and highlight the desired parts by other means.
  • Instead of ordinary text links, you can also use ready buttons for links.
  • Add H5P elements into the lessons to activate the learner.
  • Make sure that the enrichments you use match the visual image of the platform as closely as possible.