5. Online content production

When producing content for an online course, you should keep in mind the differences between the internet and physical textbooks. Whereas the textbook is meant to be used only in one size, the Mobie learning environment has been designed so that it works on all devices regardless of the operating system or screen size. This means touch screen smart phones, tablets, computer and televisions with web browsers. Thus, it’s very important not to just copy content from a textbook to the internet as is. Carefully designed content looks good on all devices. Going through the course is much more meaningful to the students as well when they can study with their mobile phones on e.g. a comfortable sofa.

Remember to always check the course’s mobile functionality when creating new content!

As a course creator, note that you can always update outdated information or edit the material according to feedback received. So, don’t be frightened by misspellings. However, always attempt to make the course as high quality as possible right from the beginning, as it is not recommended to rely too much on the possibility of editing the course!