4.1 Add lessons and topics

Topic Progress:

You’ve now created the beginning of a course – great! Next, we’ll add lessons, topics and quizzes to the course. If you’re not already in the course editor, move there by either going to the course front page and pressing the “Edit” link on the bottom part of the page or by first moving to the dashboard, selecting “Courses” and finding the desired course. When you’re in the course editor, scroll all the way down the page. You’ll notice a section on the bottom part of the page titled “Course Builder”. With the course builder, you can create lessons, topics and quizzes for your course, rename them or delete existing content. Try creating the first lesson for your course and moving it to the box on the right-hand side. When you’ve got multiple lessons, you can change their order by dragging and dropping them.

When you’ve created your desired number of lessons, click the small arrow to the right of the course builder’s section “Lessons”. This hides the lessons temporarily, so they won’t be on your way when creating topics and quizzes for the course. Next, open the “Topics” section with the corresponding arrow. Once you’ve created a topic and know the lesson it belongs to, click the arrow next to the corresponding lesson name on the right-hand side. This reveals two boxes into which you can drag either topics or quizzes. Move the rest of your content to their respective places in similar fashion. Watch the below video on how to use the course builder!

Creating Content

When you have finished the course structure by creating the all the lessons and topics on a headline level, you can easily move to edit their content and settings. You can do that by navigating to the desired lesson, topic or quiz, scrolling down the page and clicking “Edit” or by going through Dashboard > Courses and selecting the lessons or topics from the menu. Then, find the desired course content and click on its name. You can now write the content for the lesson or topic in the field below the title. Finally, save your changes by clicking the blue “Update” button on the right-hand side.

Course assignments

You can add “assignments” to your lesson or topic. The assignments is send to the course teacher for approval. After approvment the student has succesfully passed the lesson or topic. The course author can add a return box for the assignment. It is also possible to add more than one return box for assignment in on lesson or topic by adding a “quiz” with questions that containg assignments. You can learn more about course quizzes in topic 8.2.